05 March 2011

How to Spend a Life

There are a lot of strange things that happen in this world. Not least is the providence of finding another human being with whom we want to spend our life. And that is really the way I want to say it. My life is a currency that I value. Far more than money or the mere circumstance of time, life is the concatenation of all the events good and bad that make up our presence on earth; I will spend mine only on something of great value.

Marcy Stoeckel is the person for and with whom I wish to spend my life; it is a privilege to be with her. I don't need to be in her presence every second, nor is it essential that we do every thing together. We are different humans, who do the things we do in our life because we are motivated by the pleasure they give us, or the guilt they help us to avoid. But I want to spend the life I have with Marcy. I have no higher purpose; I have no other, more important motive. The use to which the rest of my life will be put is the pursuit of our life together. I celebrate that.

Marcy is a brilliant and funny woman, wise and kind, and angry and sad and hopeful, and she has chosen to be with me. I choose to be with her. I love her, and I want everyone in the world to know it.

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